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We help organizations reshape their workplace & define who they are.

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What We Do

What we do is best described as business therapy. Work Happy takes an extensive look at your company’s purpose, what your current workplace culture is like and how your existing and future relationships affect your potential success. We work with individual entrepreneurs as well as employee driven businesses and organizations that have a primary focus on growth; both personally and professionally. Utilizing a mass of resources to educate allows us to adapt to the needs of our clients and create success. The bottom line is, we all need someone to talk to about our challenges, goals, triumphs and dreams and we want to listen to and nurture those thoughts and ideas. We want to help guide you and your company toward positive progress and focused ambition. We want to help you work happy, live happy and be happy.

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The Process

 Our process fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we not only understand the core needs of our clients, but also help them develop successfully. 


Develop a program that fits your specific needs


Set the strategy in motion


Enjoy the outcome and continue to grow

The Services

We provide exceptional services that are catered specifically to your needs. Take a look below at the services we offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

Individual or Team
Strategy Sessions
Unique Trainings
to You

Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions, allow us to identify the crux of your challenges, the heart of your goals and the drive of your employees. With that knowledge, we develop a plan to achieve the desired results your organization is looking for. Contact us to chat about our list of strategic topics.

We create completely custom trainings that do not involve the typical power point and role play. Work Happy utilizes open discussion,  and interactive games,  that coexist with whatever the goals of the training are. Contact us to chat about our training options.

Speaker Series & Workshops
Team Building

If you are looking for a few hours worth of impactful and focused education with a twist of fun, our Speaker Series or workshops are going to be what you want. Both cover a range of topics that are engaging, thought-provoking and just plain fun. We make sure that every event is not us speaking at you but rather us working with you to create a desired, positive outcome. Contact us to chat about our Speaker Series and workshop topics and options

So often a team building event with work is axe throwing, mini golf or happy hour at the local bar and grill. Those are, at best, team bonding events. A team building event should consist of a team working together to solve a problem while having fun! This fosters a culture of collaboration, adaptive problem solving and builds positive relationships through experience outside of the workplace. Contact us to discuss your next customized team building event.

Recommended by...


Chris Moore / CEO, Elite Business Advisors

Josh Douglas has been a huge asset to many of our clients. I have personally known Josh for the past 12 years and he has a wealth of knowledge in helping business owners understand the art and science of working with people (both employees and clients). Josh not only has the knowledge in working with people but provides insightful training, actionable items, and accountability to make sure the plan is implemented and executed properly. We will continue to refer Josh  without hesitation because we’ve seen the results he’s helped produce for many of our clients already.

About Us

At Work Happy, we want to connect with you on a human level. We want to understand who you are, where you come from and why you do what you do. So it’s only fair that we share a little about us and let you get to know Work Happy on a more personal level. Work Happy is the brainchild of Josh Douglas. Josh has been performing professionally on stage for 15+ years and has been an improviser for 13 of those 15+ years. He also has 20+ years of experience working with and for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profit organizations. Josh wasn’t happy. At all. And that affected who he was, what he did and the function of how he did it. So, he implemented change. He fused his passion and acumen of theatre and improvisation with his business career. And the results spoke for themselves. He created happiness and started enjoying life. Josh wants to share this with everyone because he, and Work Happy, believe that people deserve happiness. They deserve to enjoy their lives. At Work Happy, we take our love of performance and mold it to make a cohesive and impactful program with your business or organization. Because of our 15+ years of experience in the performance arena as well as 20+ years in the world of business, organizations and entrepreneurship, we feel we will have a massive impact on you, your employees, your volunteers, family, friends and basically anyone who you touch. We feel that we can help you on your journey toward happiness. Don’t forget, make someone laugh today!

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